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You can search for the books held in Aminiya School’s Library using this page. You might also be interested to know that even if this library does not hold a certain book, it may be available in another library in the Maldives. To search the union catalogue of Maldives libraries in this project, please use the Union Catalogue link on the left.

Hints on searching the OPAC

To start a search, you enter a word or multiple words in the search box. When a single word is entered, a keyword search is performed. You can check this out by typing one word into the form and note the number of results located. Then, repeat the search with a minor change. In front of the search word, type 'kw=' followed by the same search term. The results will be identical.

When you have more than one word in the search box, Koha will still do a keyword search, but a bit differently. Each word will be searched on its own, then the Boolean connector 'and' will narrow your search to those items with all words contained in matching records.

The advanced search gives you more control on what you want to search.

The Maldives Digital Library Project is an initiative by the Maldives Library Association in partnership with the National Library of Maldives. The major stakeholder of the current project is the Educational Development Centre under the Ministry of Education. The project was commenced in 2011 with 8 school libraries sponsored by the EDC, 3 school libraries and 1 College library sponsored by the Maldives Library Association. The work is still in progress.

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The National Library of Maldives

Maldives Library Association Educational Development Center

The Digital Library Project came into existent out of a grant from the University of Waikato in 2010 in the establishment of the Maldives Greenstone support Network (MGN) for the promotion of local digital library collections. The MGN is steered by the National Library of Maldives, with members from the Maldives National University Library, the National Centre for Information Technology, Maldives Library Association and the Department of Heritage. MGN is the local focal point of Digtal Library Network South Asia.

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